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The proof of our broad experience and competence in software and product-based technical development and consulting lies in the complex IoT engineering projects we have successfully implemented over the past decade.

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Software Development

Swissprime Technologies stands for first-class software engineering “Made in Switzerland”, with a wealth of experience in implementation. We are your reliable partner for digital innovations. We use our business and technological know-how to realise solutions that will inspire you.

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Product Development

We will address your needs and challenges to design an economically viable concept. Based on our experience, we can evaluate the market opportunities and make recommendations on defining the product development strategy. We are very efficient at implementing prototypes.

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Technical Consultancy

We provide technical consulting services and develop assessments with the following main focuses: Cloud, security, apps, embedded, firmware and wireless technologies. Our consulting services are individually tailored to your needs.

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Management Consultancy

As an entrepreneur, you and your company are constantly developing further. This requires consciously dealing with the current situation and making some tough decisions. In order to tackle such issues constructively, it is worth entering into dialogue with an external and experienced partner.

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Collaboration Approaches


Our project management experts accompany you and ensure smooth implementation. In the following section, we describe how we set up, execute and deliver the project.

Onsite specialist

Do you have too few development resources to develop your products? Or would you like to test new technologies for your products? Does your development team lack expertise in a particular area? Swissprime can complement your project team with engineers. We support you in the development of apps, cloud applications, PC applications or embedded solutions as well as in designing prototypes.


We know exactly how to transform your vision into real world products by better listening, idea challenging, experienced analysis and delivering the product through agile methodology.

How your project will be delivered

Step 1

Setup project

Firstly, we will establish the collaboration with you. We will define the developement tools, project structure and all roles and responsabilities. Moreover, we will prepare the UX and UI concepts and will define the architecture and style guides. With this phase, we enable the start of the implementation of a project.

Definition Scope

With the Definition Scope, we will bring your requirements in a format so they can be implemented, tested and delivered within one iteration. This includes describing, defining and estimating the implementstion of existing requirements, along with their prioritisation.


Step 2

Developement & Validation Activities

In this phase, we will focus on the implementation of a defined scope within a single iteration. To reach this goal, we use a Scrum as a method. Our developement team will design, implement and test the defined tasks and will provide you with documenation and test reports.

Solution Validation Activities

As our customers you will be involved the whole developement workflow. After each iteration, the validation with you will follow. In this way, you will be able to check the product during the developement and adjust your requirements. Later, there will also be a final validation about your acceptance of the delivery of the final product or product increment. It includes system integration tests and your formal acceptance.

Solution Delivery Activities

In this stage, we will hand over the final product to you. To reach the goal of a successful handover, there are some delivery activities on several levels that need to be performed , including software, documentation and know-how transfer.


Step 3

Operations & Maintenance Activities

Even after going live, we will provide you with continuous software support and maintain the delivered product, e.g. in the form of end-to-end monitoring or defect analysis.

Project Management Processes

To ensure a smoth project execution and minimise risks, the project management processes will be implemented during the whole delivery process. They focus on management activities that are executed in every project execution method (e.g. planning of capacities, execution of estimations, etc.) or that are needed in specific project setups (e.g. risk management).


Technical consultancy

Understanding your idea and concept is crucial. We evaluate the market opportunities of your project idea jointly with you and design the product development strategy together.

Hardware and Software

Our product engineer assists your team in selecting the right software and hardware components for your product (sensors, gateways, processors, etc.). We then work out the design model. So you get a perfect insight into the structure, the design and the data flow.

IT architecture

In the next step, we begin construction of the IT architecture in consultation with you. We lay down the blueprints and check them using data science analysis. Once all requirements have been defined, we start the design process.

Check and Certify

We then check the reliability, legality, sensitivity and social acceptability of the new solution. We qualify the functionalities of your product and initiate the necessary certifications.


Our collective know-how makes testing and validating applications a smooth experience. We use the latest methods and perform automated tests. This saves time and reduces human error and costs.

Customer Service

We monitor and evaluate change requests to implement the improvements as needed. Our senior engineer takes care of updates, security, features, enhancements and ensures that the product and collaboration are continually streamlined.

Management consultancy

The same old round of “policy discussions” without any binding decisions. What is our strategy, anyway? What drives us? How are we positioning ourselves to make it happen? Where do we want to be in 5 years’ time? What is our business model? What are the critical success factors? Who will help us to develop? How can we work together?

Through intensive dialogue, firstly the situation is clarified and then the main topics established. Once we have jointly determined goals, parameters and the results to be delivered plus added value, we propose various business options to you for our collaboration. We will set goals that will help you and your business to develop. The clarification and solution of complex challenges is based on a deep understanding of your situation and your concern, along with recognition of what is required.

What will improve your situation, what help you and your company develop? The answer can often be found in dialogue with you as our partner. Sustainable success requires more than just goals. Ambitious entrepreneurs check the results achieved against defined parameters. In doing so, they not only measure progress and degree of goal achievement, but also recognise further growth potential.

Opportunity & Added Value

Working together with us creates measurable added value for you and your company. Do not wait to act until you are already in financial difficulties. We offer the opportunity for self-reflection and appreciative, critical exchange of ideas. Personal development strategy including implementation measures and support. Neutral feedback on personal leadership behaviour. Collective added value for your company. Better orientation and cooperation through shared understanding of goals and values. Healthy growth and sustainable corporate development. Clarity on earnings and growth potential.

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