Anniversary Interview – Swissprime Technologies

Anniversary Interview

Today marks Swissprime Technologies AG’s 10th anniversary. To honor this remarkable milestone, Thomas Riesen, Founder of the company, reflects on the past 10 years of the company’s growth and lets us have a peek at the future.


Today we celebrate Swissprime Technologies AG 10th anniversary! What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about that?

It’s incredible how quickly the time has passed! With Swissprime we did a lot of things right, but we also learned a lot. I never regretted the decision of establishing my own company and realize my ideas. Having my own company means to me:

Privation, perseverance, success, intrinsic motivation and persistence.

I am also grateful for the great support from my family, which I got to experience – without their help all of this wouldn’t have been possible.


You are the founder of the company. What was the main motivation behind it?

The trigger was my MBA master thesis. I absolutely wanted to realize the developed concept and I didn’t see the opportunity to do so at my workplace at the time. After a short examination of the general set up and a fitting company name, I handed in my notice. That’s when Swissprime was founded.


What were the most critical moments in the story of Swissprime Technologies AG?

With most startups, often liquidity is a great difficulty. We earned our money with software engineering, which we then invested in our project “bluepulse”. This balancing act has always been a challenge.

The other experience I got to make was that the market entry of a brand without existing customer base with a new product is hard.


What were the lessons you learned as an entrepreneur?

Perseverance. An undertaking like this almost always takes longer than expected and the timing must be perfect. A good product-market-fit is crucial.


How do you see Swissprime Technologies AG in the next 5 years? What are your goals for the company over the next 5 years?

I see a lot of potential for our mobile access platform KleverKey! I am convinced we will have realized a lot of interesting projects in 5 years with KleverKey. Hundred thousand of customers will be using our app daily to manage the access to their premises and comfortably open doors worldwide.