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ELATEC products Now Support KleverKey Virtual Credentials

KleverKey and ELATEC Partner for Secure, Contactless Mobile Access Control

Horgen, Switzerland, August 11, 2020 – Swissprime Technologies, the developer of KleverKey, has teamed up with ELATEC to enable secure, touchless user authentication using smartphone credentials. ELATEC’s popular TWN4 MultiTech family of RFID/BLE readers will now support contactless access control using the KleverKey virtual credentials.

KleverKey’s mobile credentials enable user authentication via a smartphone app for building access, secure printing, single sign on (SSO), vehicle fleet management, vending and dispensing, and other secure physical access applications. The technology integration will allow ELATEC customers to access secure locations and services using virtual credentials stored in their KleverKey App.

“More and more users ask for mobile credentials. Their smartphones are with them all the time, which makes the use of virtual credentials very convenient and easy to deploy. The relevance of contactless access control is becoming more essential in the era of COVID-19″, said Robert Helgerth, CEO of ELATEC GmbH. “Integrating the KleverKey solution into our RFID/BLE reader software provides maximum flexibility for our customers. They can accommodate secure access control, using either an RFID card or a smartphone or both. The Elatec universal reader allows customers to migrate to a contactless workplace at their own pace.”

Thomas Riesen, the CEO and Founder of Swissprime Technologies, says, “Smartphone authentication leverages a technology that most employees and building tenants are already carrying and eliminates community touchpoints that can spread pathogens. Our partnership with ELATEC will bring KleverKey’s touchless mobile access solutions to more customers with a versatile and highly secure reader that works well in practically any environment.”

KleverKey credentials and subscriptions can now be purchased through ELATEC worldwide. For more information continue reading here: https://www.elatec-rfid.com/int/kleverkey 


Elatec GmbH

Elatec is a manufacturer and developer of RFID solutions. The company is one of the international leaders in the field of multi-frequency/multi-standard readers. Integrators benefit from reader/writer modules that combine contact (smart card) and contactless (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth) technologies. Depending on the product, more than 60 RFID technologies commonly used internationally in the high-frequency (13.56 MHz) and low frequency range (125/134.2 kHz) are supported by a single device. Elatec is the partner for companies that want to grow their products’ potential through innovative close-up identification solutions.

The company was founded in 1988 and currently has around 100 employees at 17 locations worldwide. Its headquarters are in Munich, Germany.

Further information is available at www.elatec.com