Hello Andreas – Swissprime Technologies

Hello Andreas

Andreas Wyss – Software Developer (.NET)


Hi Andreas, let’s start with the Interview about your Job as Software Developer for Swissprime Technologies AG. Let me ask a couple of questions about you, your history and your current employer. Are you ready?

Yes, let’s start!


When did you first start working for Swissprime Technologies AG?

I started working for Swissprime Technologies January 2016.


How did the start feel to you?

I already knew Thomas and the product, so we started to plan the features immediately.


You first worked as a freelancer and then decided to join as an employee. What made you decide to become an employee at Swissprime Technologies AG?

First, all I wanted was the flexibility a freelancer has but as I saw that everything started to take a positive turn, I decided to become an employee for Swissprime Technologies AG. In my opinion, freelancers shouldn’t be contracted for too long.


How much did your work change becoming an employee?

The work didn’t change.


What did you do before?

After I finished an apprenticeship as a machine draughtsman and graduated my studies of computer sciences at the university of applied sciences, I worked as a software developer at different companies. This pretty much across the entire stack.


How is working for Swissprime Technologies AG different than the work you did for previous employers?

I used to work in small and young companies as well as in established and bigger companies. At Swissprime Technologies I enjoy a much broader freedom regarding the software development.


What made you decide you wanted to work as a software developer?

After my apprenticeship I decided to study computer sciences instead of studying mechanical engineering, because the almost unlimited possibilities of software engineering fascinated me. Although the software engineering could still learn a few things from the structured operation methods of mechanical engineering.


How does your usual workday look like?

I usually start at 8 pm in my usual co-working place, I’m always the first one. Most of my co-workers work in creative professions and have a different rhythm. Either I continue the work of the last day or I check the backlog to see what’s pending. In between, I have a look whether e-mails or instant messages came in during my absence. We usually have lunch all together, either in the office or in a restaurant. Sometimes I go home to eat with my family. After lunch, we often play Ping Pong at the co-working place and then work until about 5 pm. Since my co-working place is nearby, I save 2-3 hours a day, which it would otherwise taking me by commuting to the office.


What are the challenges you are facing with the remote work setting?

The only issue that can occur is when the tools to call or otherwise communicate don’t work properly.


What do you appreciate?

I work in a Coworking Place and get in touch through that with interesting people even outside the company. With remote working employees the company is facing unique difficulties. The work must be defined clearly, because we do not have the possibility to ask questions across the table as soon as they come up. Compared to an open-plan office, it is much easier to concentrate in this setting because you hardly ever get distracted.


What do you do in your time off?

I work at an 80% pensum and spend a lot of time with my family. Otherwise I practice my hobbies snowboarding and mountain biking.


You were the first employee working for KleverKey, how much did the Application change from the beginning?

At the beginning KleverKey didn’t have a lot to offer but over the years many features have been added.


What are you working on currently?

Currently I am working on a new Bluethooth Low Energy interface for the production tools.


What was your favorite project for Swissprime Technologies AG so far?

Since the beginning I have been working only on KleverKey so this would be my favorite project, too.


Are you satisfied with the degree of innovation on the projects?

With KleverKey we have implemented highly innovative things. So, yes.


Are you happy with the technology you are working with?

We work with the newest technologies or are working on migrating components on to the newest technologies. For example, we still have some .NET Framework components, which we are migrating to .NET Core. Because we are running our solutions on Azure, we will migrate our services there too, as soon as a better option is available.


Can you tell me something about the culture of Swissprime Technologies AG?

All the employees have the possibility to place their ideas, which I appreciate highly.


How about the communication in the team?

We communicate mainly via Slack but we are currently testing communication via Microsoft Teams, because we are not entirely happy with Slack. We plan our tasks with Azure DevOps.


What can you say about your teammates?

They are likewise as motivated to develop a good software.


On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you working at Swissprime Technologies AG?

I’d have to give an 8. The tasks are almost always interesting, but we could improve certain processes.


Would you recommend Swissprime Technologies AG as an employer to others?

Whoever is capable of dealing with a lot of freedom and fast processes of a small and young company is at the right place at Swissprime Technologies AG.


Thank you for this very interesting insight about your work at Swissprime Technologies AG!

Andreas Wyss – Software Developer (.NET) – Born 1979 (a.wyss@swissprime-tech.com)