KleverKey® – Swissprime Technologies


KleverKey® enables secure and mobile authorization management for physical products such as door locks, access systems, boxes and other IoT applications.

As a vendor-independent software-as-a-service platform, KleverKey turns smartphones into digital keys. By integrating KleverKey technology into locking systems of different manufacturers, the user can merge all the products into one single digital keyring.


Digital authorization optimizes processes, enables more flexible management and, by combining with other services, completely new use cases could be realized. The vendors can connect their products to a modern platform with low investment risk and thus accelerate their market entry.


Value for Users

Forget your bunch of keys – Manage all your keys in one app. Share and revoke keys anytime and anywhere. Rent out your house, car, boat, bike and other belongings without having to be on-site.


Value for Operators

Manage access of large user groups. Benefit from automated, dynamic and remote permissions. Rest assured thanks to E-Banking-level security and the Swiss data protection law.


Value for Manufacturers

Enrich your own solution portfolio with a customized, branded, secure and mobile access management platform. Benefit from a modern business model and get recurring revenues.