Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz – Swissprime Technologies

Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz

Swissprime Technologies AG with their Mobile Access platform KleverKey won a contest to equip the new Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz with an innovative lock system featuring Mobile- and RFID access.

The Project

The access to the coworking rooms is being controlled by KleverKey compatible smart locks. The integration of the lock solution is being carried out easily in combination with the existing door openers or as alternative to the mechanical solutions. This allows a straight-forward installation to a more favorable price of the smartphone-based access control.

In sum there have been 17 door locks and 25 locks for furniture installed.

  • 8 door locks with the KleverKey controller C3 accessible by the KleverKey App, the SwissPass or remote opening.
  • 2 doors with fire protection, 1 sliding door and 1 door with a motor lock, all accessible by the app and the SwissPass.
  • 5 door locks in the inner area with battery powered locks accessible by the app

The fireproof doors have been equipped with electrical motor locks.  The locks of the interior doors are either run on battery power or on an innovative induction solution. With that solution five different lock manufacturers, who carry KleverKey compatible products have been incorporated. This is possible thanks to the vendor independent approach of KleverKey!

Customer Value

  • Easy granting and controlling access rights through the KleverKey Cloud
  • Less personnel costs through the omission of mechanical keys or RFID cards
  • Welcome-Desk is being relieved, which makes service around the clock possible
  • Security through encrypted communication
  • Connection to the Coworking booking platform «Cobot» for easier onboarding of new users
  • Connection to the «SwissPass» service for easy registration of a personal SwissPass
  • «Invite»-Feature for the Coworking host, to simplify the invitation process
  • Activity log to monitor the room usage

“The Mobile Access solution KleverKey fits our vision of a modern and digital Coworking Space ideally. The installation of KleverKey and the integration into our booking system by the Swissprime-Team has been done efficiently and thoroughly. Thanks to KleverKey our rooms can be booked and accessed easily and comfortably. We highly recommend KleverKey for any coworking rooms, for which it is the goal to be managed modernly and innovatively.”

Susanne Kuba, Host Coffeebar – Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz