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s: yourbox & KleverKey

kehrer stebler ag, the Swiss market leader in letterbox construction, has designed and developed one of the most innovative products of 2019 with the s: yourbox. This product can be profitably equipped with the mobile access solution “KleverKey” from Swissprime Technologies AG. The s: yourbox is an individually adaptable depot box that can be used for any purpose. The cooperation with KleverKey makes the solution additionally agile, digital and secure. Thus the box can be used in any environment and for any purpose and the operators benefit from an automated authorization management, which even includes a payment function. In this way, commercially very interesting use cases can also be realized.

The customer benefits

The multifunctional boxes help to relieve the flow of goods and promote the mobility and agility of the population. The goods can be delivered, collected and exchanged dynamically, independent of location and time. The boxes can be controlled and administered via the KleverKey -app or -web portal. The users can easily access the boxes via the app and authorizations can be exchanged ad-hoc among each other. The users are informed about the delivery by mail or SMS. This service is experiencing a marked increase in demand. The modular and configurable design in conjunction with the mobile access solution “KleverKey” enables a wide variety of applications, focused on different needs.

  • Parcel compartments – deposit parcels when the resident is not available
  • Cloakroom compartments – For short-term storage of valuables and clothes
  • Cooling compartments – for food deliveries according to shop opening hours
  • Electric compartments – with charging for e-scooters, smartphones, laptops
  • Key compartments – from which a guest can take a key
  • Ski compartments – with heating devices for ski boots


The customized solution adapts to the requirements of the market. With the intelligent KleverKey solution, the s: yourbox becomes the perfect depot box system that simplifies life in the community and brings countless new business models to life.

The cooperation with the KleverKey team has been extremely pleasant and goal oriented. The Mobile Access function can be easily integrated into our product. KleverKey can – depending on customer requirements – make an important contribution to the overall concept of the individual s: yourbox and its success.

Corinne Mürner, Sales and Market Management, kehrer stebler ag