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Smartphone Access for Cash-in-Transport Case

SQUITEK AG develops, produces and sells ink staining systems to secure and protect cash in custody or in transit.
In order to provide their customers with mobile access management, Squitek turned to the KleverKey app and cloud.
With the use of the HCE (host card emulation) mode, Squitek integrated KleverKey into their existing infrastructure with ease.

The Project

KleverKey allows users to remotely share access to CIT cases in a secure, quick and easy fashion.
Squitek extended it’s NFC interface according to the KleverKey API specification in order to communicate with the KleverKey mobile apps.
This adaptation was straight-forward and possible within a short time.
New cases are registered in our service by using a Squitek production tool and the KleverKey customer API.

The Benefit

  • Full control over permissions and usage of the cases thanks to the activity logs.
  • See who opened the case when and where
  • Revoking of access is done remotely and instantly
  • Combine KleverKey Cloud with 3rd-Party management tools to get the full advantage of all collected data

“We use KleverKey as a Software-as-a-Service and are surprised how easy it was to integrate. By using the advanced HCE mode and KleverKey API, we were able to integrate a complete mobile access Management system with an unbeatable time-to-market”.

Enrico Careri
CEO Squitek (