Testimonials – Swissprime Technologies


Christian Meier

Head of Operations – Alpiq

We use KleverKey in many different applications to administrate access to sensitive documents and materials and we are thrilled about this solution! The installation was very easy and the usage offers us numerous advantages compared to conventional locking solutions, since we can grant and revoke the digital rights anytime and from anywhere.

Florin Iten

Managing Partner - deinmoebeldesign.ch

KleverKey’s versatile and innovative concept is seamlessly integrated into our custom made furnitures. To provide an individual and intelligent solutions to our customers we rely on the easy to install and user friendly access control system of KleverKey

Enrico Careri

CEO Squitek AG

We use KleverKey as a Software-as-a-Service and are surprised how easy it was to integrate. By using the advanced HCE mode and KleverKey API, we were able to integrate a complete mobile access. Management system with an unbeatable time-to-market.

Thomas Schumann

Manager Technopark Winterthur

The integration of KleverKey in our infrastructure was easy and straightforward. Thanks to KleverKey we no longer need to worry about keys or access cards wich greatly simplifies our process. With the KleverKey portal, managing access becomes a breeze. Working together with Swissprime was fantastic.