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Swissprime Technologies AG develops next-generation high-tech solutions which offer customers real added value and completely new opportunities.

  • We use the latest technologies to bring our clients’ business ideas to life
  • The employees find their daily work meaningful, because they are allowed to work on fabulous, innovative and exciting projects
  • Our employees enjoy plenty of freedom in structuring their daily work and can thus develop their full potential
  • Swissprime has revolutionised the way great ideas become successful solutions
  • Flat hierarchies, as well as virtual and collaborative communication, give every employee the opportunity to take the initiative
  • Our corporate culture is characterised by trust, reliability, excellence and ingenuity

How your project will be delivered

Step 1

Setup project

Firstly, we will establish the collaboration with you. We will define the development tools, project structure and all roles and responsibilities. Moreover, we will prepare the UX and UI concepts and will define the architecture and style guides. With this phase, we enable the start of the implementation of a project.

Definition Scope

With the Definition Scope, we will bring your requirements in a format so they can be implemented, tested and delivered within one iteration. This includes describing, defining and estimating the implementation of existing requirements, along with their prioritisation.


Step 2

Development & Validation Activities

In this phase, we will focus on the implementation of a defined scope within a single iteration. To reach this goal, we use a Scrum as a method. Our development team will design, implement and test the defined tasks and will provide you with documentation and test reports.

Solution Validation Activities

You will be involved in the whole development workflow. After each iteration, the validation with you will follow. In this way, you will be able to check the product during the development and adjust your requirements. Later, there will also be a final validation about your acceptance of the delivery of the final product or product increment. It includes system integration tests and your formal acceptance.

Solution Delivery Activities

In this stage, we will hand over the final product to you. To reach the goal of a successful handover, there are some delivery activities on several levels that need to be performed, including software, documentation and know-how transfer.


Step 3

Operations & Maintenance Activities

Even after going live, we will provide you with continuous software support and maintain the delivered product, e.g. in the form of end-to-end monitoring or defect analysis.

Project Management Processes

To ensure a smooth project execution and minimise risks, the project management processes will be implemented during the whole delivery process. They focus on management activities that are executed in every project execution method (e.g. planning of capacities, execution of estimations, etc.) or that are needed in specific project setups (e.g. risk management).



Software Development

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Technical Consultancy

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Management Consultancy

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We support our clients in the realisation of their individual digitised solution. Our software experts combine in-depth business and technology expertise and are familiar with numerous wireless technologies (e.g. BLE, NFC, Cellular, RFID, WiFi), security algorithms and architectures.

Our IoT specialists are happy to help with cloud, app or embedded developments. Our UX specialists enrich the project with their knowledge, achieving an optimal user experience. We are also the ideal partner for technical assessments, proof-of-concept (PoC), minimal viable product (MVP) or prototype development.

How we work

We work in an agile and virtual environment, with a tailored Scrum process for maximum productivity and customer satisfaction. For seemless collaboration in the team, we use modern tools like Azure DevOps, Monday and UCC.

In order to meet the high requirements in our software, we rely on proven methods such as DRY, SOLID and Code Reviews. Our software is delivered automatically via Continuous -Integration and -Delivery.


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Download our KleverKey Flyer. Soon there will be an IoT poster available for download and the whitepaper will follow as well:

The emergence of the “KleverKey” IoT solution. Find out how our own SaaS platform was created. Gain insight into technical, legal and financial aspects. This publication is the basis for our IoT certification course, which will soon be available on our website.



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Swissprime Technologies entwickelt massgeschneiderte innovative Wireless-Produkte für Dritte. Darüber hinaus verfügt das Unternehmen...

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Funk-Sicherheitsschloss ÜLock-B und die App KleverKey

Die ÜLock Funk-Sicherheitsschlösser von Süd-Metall lassen sich jetzt über Smartphones ansteuern – und damit Türen öffnen. Die...

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Corinne Mürner

Sales and Market Management - kehrer stebler ag

The cooperation with the KleverKey team has been extremely pleasant and goal oriented. The Mobile Access function can be easily integrated into our product. KleverKey can – depending on customer requirements – make an important contribution to the overall concept of the individual s: yourbox and its success.

Pia Langenbach

Marketing and Event Management - Kings Cave AG

The collaboration with KleverKey and the installation of the locks has been done straightforward and quickly. We appreciated to have a contact person we could always get a hold of. Thanks to that, the project has come together efficiently. The locks fit our concept perfectly.

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